Free Bitcoin Sources for you Here

Bitcoin and Altcoin Faucets are a Great Source of Free Coins. These are basically Advertising Sites that Reward you with Free Bitcoins and Altcoins just for visiting their Sites.

The Payouts are Minimal (but add up over time) and so you need a Micro-Wallet Facility to handle multiple micro deposits and also multiple coins.

We use a Micro Wallet called CoinPot for this task;  watch the video below to see how it works

Here are the Steps you need to take to Activate Your CoinPot Free Faucet Group:

NOTE: Use your CoinPot email address for each Faucet in the Group below to activate auto deposits.

This the end of the CoinPot Group of free crypto coin faucets however, we will be updating if more are added.

Please see below for even more Free Bitcoin and Altcoin Miners and Faucets.

More Free Bitcoin and Altcoin Faucets


Here is another group of Free Altcoin sites which pay you (in coins) to visit them!

Now that you are earning some decent amounts of Bitcoin and Altcoins, it's time to invest these coins and multiply them! We will be showing several ways to do this here.

Finally: an Honest Business that Works